Three-year-old girl shot in drug deal gone wrong

HARRIS COUNTY, TX – An apparently normal afternoon in Harris County, Texas, abruptly descended into chaos this Wednesday as a drug transaction went notoriously awry. A woman, along with her three-year-old daughter, ended up injured in a surprising shootout believed to have been triggered by a failed drug deal involving the child’s father.

The incident, as disclosed by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, transpired at the Point Northwest Apartments on Point Park Drive shortly before 3 p.m. The man suspected of initiating the drug deal turned agitator had come to the residential complex with the intent to conduct a drug exchange with the father.

However, the event took an unforeseen turn when the supposed drug dealer decided to rob the family, thereby instigating a violent shooting spree between him and the father.

The sheriff’s office further reported that the suspect repeatedly shot at the woman and her toddler in the resulting gun battle. He also fired a few rounds at another resident viewing the scene from his balcony. Although the bystander escaped unscathed, the woman and her child sustained injuries, requiring hospitalization.

In an unexpected revelation, the assailant himself was reported to have sought medical aid at a hospital subsequent to being wounded in the exchange of fire. The suspect was found recovering in the same hospital where the mother and child were being treated, with all the injured reported to be in stable condition.

Commenting on the dire situation, Robert Schields of the HCSO, expressed the community’s growing exhaustion with continued violence and crime.

Investigations continue as charges are pending against an unnamed 21-year-old male involved in the incident.