Three rioters convicted of murdering a former IU linebacker each sentenced to more than 100 years

Chris Beaty, a beloved Indianapolis figure and former Indiana University football player, was tragically murdered during the rioting in May 2020, following the killing of George Floyd.

Three people, Marcus Anderson, Alijah Jones, and Nakeyah Shields, have been sentenced to a collective 376 years in prison for their connection to the fatal shooting.

On Wednesday, Anderson and Jones each received 164 years, while Shields was sentenced to 108 years in prison. As part of the sentencing, the defendants faced multiple counts of armed robbery in addition to the murder.

38-year-old Beaty was shot in Indianapolis on May 30, 2020, as he walked through an alley near his apartment during the protests surrounding Floyd’s death. Witnesses said that just moments before he was gunned down, Beaty had texted someone that he was going out to his building.

A beloved figure in Indianapolis, Beaty was known by some as “Mr. Indianapolis” for his unwavering approval and enthusiasm for his hometown. He was a star player at Indianapolis Cathedral High School, going on to play football with the Hoosiers at Indiana University and achieve three state championship victories.

Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears provided a statement noting that Beaty “unfortunately lost his life while caring for others and his city.” The defendants each have plans to appeal the conviction.