Three dead in apartment shooting, suspect on the run

ARLINGTON, TX – Law enforcement officials are intensifying efforts to locate the suspect involved in a triple homicide at a south Arlington apartment complex this past Thursday night.

Arlington Police Department Sgt. Courtney White described the violent act as “callous”, “heinous,” and “ruthless.” The incident was reported around 8:30 p.m. at the Chatham Green Apartments. Officials said two young children were also present at the site of the shooting but remained unharmed.

An alert was prompted when a witness called 911 after hearing unsettling noises and finding a 29-year-old man lying unresponsive outside an apartment. The same witness noted a forced entry into the apartment, evidenced by a kicked-in door.

Upon reaching the crime scene, officers found two more victims- a male and a female, both 31, also suffering from gunshot wounds inside the very same apartment.

The unsettling event had neighbors in shock. “My little girl was like what is that noise? Two pops followed by spaced out, other pops, as my wife described it,” shares Loqman Mohammed, who lives next door to the scene. He further recalled seeing police ensuring the safety of the children present in the apartment, quickly moving them to a safe location.

Investigations so far reveal that the two adults found inside the apartment were dating and sharing the residence with the woman’s children. The third victim at the doorstep seems to be a guest visiting the family. Detectives are also probing into the possibility of high-risk activity being a catalyst for the shooting but are yet to confirm a clear motive.

While no arrests have been made yet, witnesses claim to have seen a man fleeing the scene shortly after the gunshots were heard. Police are hopeful that surveillance footage might provide crucial details in identifying the suspect.