The Dallas Zoo Says Hello To A New Baby Hippo

Just a day before Halloween, the Dallas Zoo announced the arrival of a baby hippo.

A healthy hippo calf was born to Boipelo, its mom, around 5:30pm on Sunday, Oct. 30.

As Boipelo’s birth window approached, the animal team closely monitored her. When Boipelo started labor mid-afternoon that Sunday, the team monitored her progress with cameras in the barn. She was allowed to deliver the calf privately. Her labor went smoothly and quickly, according to the zoo.

As soon as the baby was born, it was observed nursing, and mom and baby spent the night in their pool close together.

For the time being, the baby has not been named since the zoo’s staff wait until they get to know the animal’s personality before naming it. Zoologists estimate the baby weighs 50 to 60 pounds at birth.

In a few weeks, he or she will be introduced to the hippopotamus’ habitat.