Texas mass shooter arrested, found hiding in a pile of laundry

The manhunt for the suspect responsible for a tragic shooting in Texas, which claimed five lives last Friday, has successfully concluded. Francisco Oropesa, a 38-year-old man, was taken into custody without incident after being discovered hiding under a pile of laundry.

San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers announced the arrest during a press conference on Tuesday night. Oropesa was transported to Montgomery County Jail, where he was formally charged, and then transferred to San Jacinto County Jail. He is currently facing five counts of murder, with a bond set at $5 million.

The suspect’s arrest was the result of a coordinated effort by a task force comprised of more than 200 law enforcement personnel from federal, state, and local agencies. They pursued leads tirelessly to locate and apprehend Oropesa after the horrific events unfolded last Friday.

A crucial tip leading to Oropesa’s location came through the FBI’s tip line at 5:15 pm, and his arrest was made at 6:30 pm. FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Jimmy Paul, praised the individual who had the courage to report the suspect’s whereabouts, expressing gratitude that Oropesa was ultimately captured.

The victims of the mass shooting have been identified as Sonia Guzman (28), Diana Velasquez (21), Obdulia Molina (31), Jonathan Caceres (18), and Daniel Enrique Lazo (9). The incident began when deputies were dispatched to a residence in response to a harassment complaint. While en route, the communications center received multiple 911 calls reporting an active shooter situation at the same location.

Upon arrival, deputies found several individuals dead from gunshot wounds and others in critical condition. Sheriff Capers revealed in an interview with local ABC News affiliate KTRK that the victims were shot from the neck up in an almost execution-style manner. Ten people were inside the home during the shooting, but fortunately, no additional injuries were reported.

Witnesses described Oropesa as allegedly intoxicated and firing an AR-15 on his front porch. Neighbors approached him, requesting he lower the noise for their sleeping baby. However, Oropesa claimed it was his property and continued the disturbance, leading to the devastating events that followed.