Teen plunges to his death after a stunt on troubled LA bridge

The City of Angels has seen yet another tragedy amid calls for additional safety measures. On Saturday evening, a 17-year-old boy tragically lost his life in a fall from the 6th Street Viaduct.

The renowned bridge spans 3,500 feet and connects downtown Los Angeles to its historic Eastside, famous for its dazzling LED lights and breath-taking views of the LA skyline. Having opened in July 2022 at a cost of $588 million, it is the largest and most expensive civic bridge ever constructed in the city.

Sadly, it has become a target for dangerous and reckless behavior. Unsanctioned music videos, street racing, graffiti, illegal takeovers, and increasingly dangerous stunts have led to gunplay, massive crowds, and now, even a death.

On Saturday, the victim reportedly slipped and fell to their death after climbing up one of the bridge’s arches in order to post a social media broadcast. Police Chief Moore decried the tragedy, noting that the “location, while it has spawned great deal of pride in Los Angeles, it has also unfortunately served as a backdrop now for tragedies such as this.”

Officers will continue to patrol the area to avoid similar incidents in the future, but the latest incident has sparked calls for additional safety measures to protect the public and avoid further tragedies.