Man eaten alive by swarm of crocodiles at his crocodile farm

A gruesome incident unfolded on a Cambodian farm today, resulting in the death of a farmer, Luan Nam, at the jaws of forty crocodiles he was tending to.

In Siem Reap commune, where the ill-fated farm is located, local authorities reported that the reptiles unleashed a swift and deadly assault on Nam, a 72-year-old man.

Nam, known not only as a farmer but also the president of the local crocodile farmers’ association, had entered an enclosure to remove a crocodile that had just laid eggs in a cage. With a stick as his sole means of control, he attempted to guide the animal. However, his efforts to manage the situation quickly spiraled out of control when the crocodile retaliated, attacking the stick and causing Nam to stumble into the enclosure.

This incident swiftly escalated into a horrifying scenario. The fallen farmer was soon surrounded by a swarm of the reptiles, who tore his body apart in a savage display of predatorial behavior. The aftermath was nothing short of gruesome, with a blood-filled enclosure bearing witness to the horrific incident.

Photos from the scene showed the crocodiles languidly swimming in the aftermath, and video footage captured the grim task of officials retrieving Nam’s remains. Police reports revealed a brutal scene: Nam’s body bore countless bite marks, and he had lost both arms and a leg, which were consumed by the crocodiles during their onslaught. The farmer’s ravaged remains were later returned to his family home.

Despite being respected in his role as president of the local crocodile farmers’ association, Nam had repeatedly been advised to exit the perilous line of work. His tragic death marks another unfortunate event involving crocodiles in Cambodia, following a 2019 incident where a toddler tragically lost her life after falling into a crocodile pit on her family’s farm.