Teen girl takes her own life in front of police officer after running away from home

AURORA, KS – A tragic incident unfolded in the rural city of Aurora, Kansas, when a 14-year-old girl, identified as Jaylee Chillson, took her own life in front of a deputy sheriff. The law enforcement officer had been attempting to persuade the young girl, who had reportedly run away from home, to return to her family.

The fatal incident took place around 11:30 p.m. on a Saturday night at an outdoor party. The Cloud County Sheriff’s Office had received a call earlier that evening about Chillson’s disappearance. The deputy had managed to locate Chillson at the party and was in the process of trying to convince her to go back home when she produced a firearm.

In a heart-wrenching Facebook post, Chillson’s father, Jeb, described the loss of his daughter as “unbearable.” He painted a picture of a bright, beautiful girl who was the center of their family’s world. He also expressed his anger, hinting at the possibility that his daughter had been subjected to bullying and exclusion.

Jeb Chillson shared his daughter’s struggles, stating that she had been treated poorly by her peers and even adults at her school. He also mentioned that she had been ignored by former friends and had been the subject of negative talk by some parents.

The father’s post also revealed that only their family and her therapist were aware of the difficulties Jaylee had been facing over the past year. He expressed his belief that his daughter deserved a better life than what she had experienced.

Following the incident, several party attendees, comprised of high school and college students, were interviewed by the police. However, no charges were filed. The Kansas Bureau of Investigation was also brought in to assist in the investigation to ensure impartiality, given that a deputy was present during the shooting.

Jaylee Chillson, born on March 11, 2009, in Manhattan, Kansas, was raised in Clay Center by her parents, Jeb and Stacie Chillson, along with her four brothers. According to her obituary, she was an outdoor enthusiast who enjoyed hunting, fishing, and camping. She was also an active softball player and was part of the youth group at the Evangelical Covenant Church.