Teen girl shot dead hours before middle school graduation

LOWELL, MA – In the Massachusetts city of Lowell, authorities have apprehended 21-year-old Trevor Bady in relation to the death of 15-year-old Ahliana Dickey. Dickey’s lifeless body was discovered in her place of residence on Lawrence Street after she failed to attend her 8th-grade graduation ceremony on June 14.

Officers responded to the arranged arraignment on Tuesday, where Bady faced various charges, encompassing murder and armed home invasion. Police disclosed that Dickey and Bady allegedly had a history of a violent relationship, with previous incidents of physical assault and threats.

On the 14th of June, Dickey was expected at her middle school graduation. When she was a no-show, family members traced her back to her home, only to find the teenager on a bedroom floor with gunshot wounds.

Prior to the grim discovery, a distress call claiming a man and woman were arguing fetched police to the locality shortly past midnight. The caller reported hearing a woman cry out, “Get off me; get away from me. I don’t want to be with you anymore,” followed by the sound of gunshots. Although the responding officers searched the vicinity, the duo was not found.

Subsequent investigation yielded video evidence of Bady exiting Dickey’s dwelling just a little after midnight on June 14. Additional evidence indicated that Bady utilized an Uber service to travel to and from Lawrence Street moments before and after the alleged crime.

Reports suggest that two days before the tragic incident, Dickey had confided in someone that Bady threatened to kill her and her grandmother, and planned to “shoot up her house”. Bady is scheduled for another court appearance on July 30.