Man killed by police after stalking ex-girlfriend with a tracker

ARLINGTON, TX – Arlington Police Department officials reported that a man, who had been following his ex-girlfriend using a tracker, was shot and killed by the department’s officers. The man, 42-year-old Shannon Boyd, opened fire on the woman, shooting her three times before he was fatally shot by responding officers.

The incident occurred at Kane Park and was initially triggered when the ex-girlfriend and a male friend noticed Boyd following her while driving. Attempting to confront Boyd, they pulled over at the park. Boyd then instructed the male friend to vacate the area, fearing for his life, the man complied, called 911, and authorities were dispatched to the scene.

The rapid response from Arlington police, who arrived within four minutes, helped neutralize the threat from Boyd. The officers opened fire after witnessing Boyd shoot the woman. Police Chief Al Jones commended the officers for acting decisively to protect the woman’s life.

Ironically, Boyd was believed to have attempted to shoot himself but missed, according to the Chief. The victim, with whom Boyd had been in a long-term relationship before their separation, survived the attack and is currently hospitalized. Prior to the incident, the woman had filed a police report against Boyd for assault. The woman had also reported that Boyd had pointed a gun at her and threatened her at an Arlington restaurant just three hours before the shooting.

An investigation is ongoing, with a warrant for Boyd’s arrest already in the works at the time of the shooting. Meanwhile, criminal and administrative investigations into the police officers’ use of deadly force are also in progress.