Teen boy shoots 8-year-old brother on accident outside of Walmart

In a tragic incident outside a Walmart store in Oklahoma, an eight-year-old boy was accidentally shot by his 14-year-old brother. The shooting happened while their mother was shopping inside the store. The boys’ father, an off-duty Oklahoma City police officer, owned the gun involved in the accident. Passersby who heard the gunshot immediately called 911, prompting a swift response from the authorities.

According to Choctaw Police Chief Kelly Marshall, the two brothers were sitting in a car when the teenager discovered the gun and unintentionally fired it, hitting his younger brother. The sound of the gunshot alerted nearby individuals, who quickly dialed emergency services. The boys’ father was not present at the scene when the incident occurred.

Upon arrival, police officers took immediate action to assist the injured boy. Chief Marshall stated that they sealed the entry and exit wounds with two chest seals to prevent further bleeding. Despite the traumatic event, the eight-year-old remained conscious and responsive. Initially, plans were made to airlift him to a hospital, but due to the distance of the nearest helicopter, emergency personnel decided to transport him by ambulance to the University of Oklahoma trauma center instead.

The New York Post reported that the boy’s condition is currently stable. However, he is scheduled for surgery in the near future, according to Chief Marshall.

This unfortunate event follows a previous shooting incident at a Walmart store, where an employee killed six people before taking his own life. Walmart expressed shock and offered prayers for those affected by the incident in Virginia. The company emphasized its collaboration with law enforcement and its commitment to supporting its associates during this difficult time.

The accidental shooting of an eight-year-old boy by his teenage brother outside an Oklahoma Walmart has left the community in shock. Authorities continue to investigate the circumstances that surround this incident to prevent similar tragedies in the future.