Taco Bell manager shot dead by homeless employee after giving him a place to stay

In a heartbreaking turn of events, a kind-hearted manager’s act of compassion ended in tragedy. Louis Stafford, known for his warm smile and generous nature, offered assistance to an employee who had fallen on hard times. However, what started as a gesture of goodwill took a dark and unexpected turn.

Louis Stafford, a 27-year-old manager at a Taco Bell in Chesterfield Township, Michigan, demonstrated his caring nature when he noticed that one of his employees was coming to work in wet clothes. Upon learning that the employee, Dejon Drake, was homeless, Louis offered him a place to stay at his apartment. His home was located less than a mile away from their workplace.

However, as time went on, Dejon’s behavior became increasingly combative towards his co-workers and Louis himself, according to Louis’ mother, Leola Stafford. Consequently, Louis made the difficult decision to ask Dejon to leave his apartment.

Tragically, on July 29th, a confrontation ensued between the two men. Leola recounts that Dejon refused to leave and physically confronted Louis, who defended himself. In a shocking turn of events, Dejon resorted to fatally shooting Louis. The incident took place at the Taco Bell, and Dejon was immediately apprehended by the police. He is currently being held in police custody at the Macomb County Jail on a $2 million bond.

In an effort to honor her son’s memory, Leola has set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for Louis’ funeral expenses and to support the two friends who witnessed the tragic shooting.