Sugar daddy gets more than he bargained for

LAS VEGAS, NV – A weekend rendezvous turned disastrous for a middle-aged man who thought he had met his match on the high-end dating site “Seeking.” After allegedly parting him from a whopping $57,000 in cash and poker chips, the date he met online now faces legal consequences.

The man, in his 50s, connected with 27-year-old Hailey McNally for a lavish weekend getaway in Las Vegas. He generously gave her $2,500 for her time and also splurged on a U2 concert. However, during the concert, McNally excused herself to the restroom, an opportunity she allegedly used to abscond with $50,000 in cash and $7,000 worth of poker chips from his safe at the famed Caesars Palace.

Authorities subsequently arrested and charged McNally with grand larceny and burglary, based on available police records. The two had initially met face-to-face on Friday, October 13. Following their introduction, the couple indulged in various activities like swimming, dining, and even gambling, where McNally reportedly won about $3,100.

The unsuspecting victim reportedly entrusted McNally with the safe’s passcode to keep her purse. After her sudden disappearance during the concert, it took him almost an hour before alerting Caesars Palace’s security, discovering the empty safe in his room.

Leveraging surveillance footage, the police were able to swiftly locate and apprehend McNally. She reportedly defended herself by telling the police about the victim’s purported inappropriate advances. While she denied the theft accusations, a search revealed $11,700 in cash and poker chips worth $5,200 in her possession. The mystery surrounding the rest of the stolen funds remains unresolved.

McNally was granted bail and is due back in court on November 22.