Stadium stampede kills six and injures more than a hundred

KERICHO, KENYA – Tragedy struck during the annual Mashujaa Day, or Heroes’ Day celebrations in Kenya when a stampede resulted in the death of at least six individuals and left around 100 injured. The chaotic scene took place in the early morning hours as attendees struggled to enter Kericho stadium in western Kenya, the selected location for this year’s festivities.

While the exact causes of the stampede are still being investigated, the aftermath was described as nightmarish. Witnesses on the scene recounted distressing visuals of people trying to escape the frenzy, only to find themselves trapped in mud due to the prior rain, leading to even more panic. One observer, Festus Kirui, shared the heart-wrenching details of people being stuck, their shoes submerged in the mud, and the evident struggles they faced in trying to flee the scene.

Later in the day, President William Ruto addressed the gathered crowd, focusing on his vision for a new healthcare initiative, without any mention of the morning’s disastrous events. As of now, it remains uncertain whether the president had been informed about the incident when he made his speech.