Six-year-old plummets 40 feet from zip line

A family’s visit to an amusement park in Mexico took a horrifying turn when a young boy fell approximately 40 feet from a zip line. Miraculously, the child survived after plunging into a nearby lake and being rescued by multiple bystanders.

The incident, captured on video at Parque Fundidora in Monterrey, Mexico, shows the boy sliding along the zip line with an adult. As they approach the end, they suddenly stop, and the boy plummets while a woman’s scream fills the air.

According to local media outlet ABC Noticias, the boy fell about 12 meters, equivalent to nearly 40 feet. J Cesar Sauceda, the boy’s brother, took to Facebook to express his gratitude for his brother’s survival. Sauceda blamed the “terrible service, terrible installation, and above all, terrible training of the staff” for the accident. Nataly Moreno, the boy’s sister, also shared on Facebook that her brother, who is six years old, fell when his harness broke. A nearby tourist bravely jumped into the lake to save him, but both started to drown due to the lake’s depth. Eventually, her boyfriend and another brother had to enter the water to rescue them.

The Civil Protection Agency stated that the 6-year-old’s harness had “burst,” leading to his fall. Photos shared by Sauceda on Facebook depict the harness, which was once a single piece, now torn into two. Moreno criticized the park for its lack of trained personnel to handle such emergencies, emphasizing the need for immediate assistance.

The incident, which occurred on June 25, prompted an investigation by Nuevo Leon’s Civil Protection Agency into the privately-operated adventure park within Fundidora Park. Fundidora Park, in response, announced on Facebook that they would conduct a thorough investigation to determine the cause of the accident.

Parque Amazonia, the operator of the zip line, has not yet released a statement regarding the incident. The family’s harrowing experience has raised concerns about the safety measures and training provided by the park. Visitors to amusement parks expect a balance between thrilling experiences and their well-being.