Six people were wounded two killed in a restaurant shooting

A shooting at Southern Restaurant and Lounge in Louisville, Kentucky, in the early hours of Sunday, resulted in two fatalities and six injuries. The restaurant, currently under investigation for potentially operating beyond its restaurant alcohol license, was the scene of the crime around 3 a.m. Law enforcement arrived to find one man dead, five others with gunshot wounds, and another injured from a fall.

Mayor Craig Greenberg confirmed that a critically injured man later died at UofL Hospital. Three women and another man sustained non-life-threatening injuries. At the time of the incident, it was estimated that between 200 and 300 people were in the area.

The Southern Restaurant and Lounge, situated at 301 W. Market Street, was being scrutinized by Louisville Metro and Kentucky alcoholic beverage enforcement authorities. The establishment, known for attracting large, late-night crowds, was suspected of operating beyond its restaurant alcohol license. Evidence of this was found in social media posts showing activities typically associated with nightclubs.

The lease of the restaurant had recently been terminated by the property owner, Heather-Lauren Properties LLC, according to public records. In light of the incident, Mayor Greenberg has urged the Metro Council to reconsider whether bars in Louisville should be allowed to operate until 4 a.m.

The shooting reportedly began between restaurant patrons and individuals on the sidewalk, according to First Division commander Major Shannon Lauder. The cause of the violence remains unknown. As the investigation continues, no suspects have been identified.

The Southern Restaurant and Lounge, owned by Tyheshia Thompson, had announced a relocation party on its Facebook page, named “Southern’s Last Rodeo,” to mark the closure of the current location before a planned move. Thompson, who identifies as a silent investor and was not present during the shooting, declined to comment further.