Uber driver gets in deadly crash, 3 passengers killed

A car accident in South Los Angeles claimed the lives of three people and left two others injured on Saturday morning. The incident occurred at the intersection of South Vermont Avenue and West Century Boulevard, near the Westmont community of unincorporated Los Angeles County. According to officials, an Uber vehicle was t-boned by a speeding Mercedes that ran a red light, resulting in a devastating collision.

The Uber, a black Honda, was traveling north on Vermont when the white Mercedes, heading west on Century, disregarded the red light and crashed into the Honda. Tragically, three female passengers seated in the back of the Uber lost their lives in the collision. They have been identified as Juvelyn Arroyo (23), Veronica Amezola (23), and Kimberly Izquierdo (27). Another passenger, a male occupant in the front seat, was hospitalized and is currently in stable condition. The Uber driver, a woman, also sustained critical injuries and was transported to the hospital.

Authorities revealed that the Mercedes was traveling at an estimated speed of 85 mph at the time of impact. LAPD Detective Ryan Moreno stated that the driver of the Mercedes overtook vehicles stopped at the red light by passing them on the left side, entering the turn lanes, and ultimately colliding with the victims. The force of the crash was so severe that one of the women in the back seat was ejected from the Uber.

Sgt. Clarence Perkins expressed frustration over the incident, emphasizing the importance of obeying traffic laws and driving within the speed limit. He highlighted that such tragedies could be prevented if drivers exercised caution and adhered to the rules of the road. LAPD detectives are currently investigating the circumstances leading up to the crash, including the possibility that the Mercedes driver was fleeing from another crime scene.

Authorities have not released any additional information regarding the incident. LAPD detectives continue to gather evidence and piece together the events that unfolded prior to the collision.