Senior citizen run over by his son’s truck several times

TREASURE ISLAND, FL – A grim incident unfolded in Florida on Saturday night when an 86-year-old man was repeatedly run over by a truck driven by his own son, leading to his death, as per the local law enforcement.

The episode took place shortly after 8:30 p.m. at a local watering hole, R Bar, located in Treasure Island, Florida. Upon their arrival, deputies discovered a 2019 black Dodge Ram parked tail-in in the establishment’s parking lot. The victim was identified as Thomas McKeown, an 86-year-old local.

Initial investigations and eyewitness testimonies suggest that McKeown had walked towards the truck, seemingly tripped, and fell directly in its path. The truck then started to move, running over and dragging McKeown. The driver reportedly moved the vehicle back and forth several times, hitting McKeown each time, before hastily leaving the scene.

Further inquiries led the deputies to Thomas McKeown’s 61-year-old son, Mark McKeown. He was identified as the driver of the truck and was subsequently arrested. He now faces charges for leaving the scene of a crash that led to death.

Thomas McKeown was immediately taken to a nearby hospital but, unfortunately, did not survive his injuries. Authorities are investigating the possibility of the driver being under the influence at the time of the incident, but the investigation is still in progress.