Semi-truck hanging over the Ohio River following crash

LOUISVILLE, KY – A semi-truck teetering on the edge of the Clark Memorial Bridge over the Ohio River created a tense scene for Louisville, Kentucky first responders.

The crash unfolded around 12:15 in the afternoon, with the semi-truck traveling northbound on the bridge. The vehicle unexpectedly veered off course, smashing through the bridge’s guardrail.

On the first day of March in 2024, a truck driver found himself in a life-threatening situation as his vehicle dangled over the Ohio River. Swift action by first responders ensured his safe extraction from the truck.

Onlookers captured a heart-stopping video of a first responder descending a ladder to reach the semi-truck, successfully rescuing the driver from the dangerous predicament. The truck’s trailer was wedged against the structural beams of the bridge, preventing a disastrous fall into the river below.

The semi-truck, emblazoned with the Sysco logo, a food distribution company that caters to New York and New Jersey, suffered significant damage. The hood of the truck was dislodged, hanging off the cab.

Following the incident, traffic on the Clark Memorial Bridge has been halted as emergency personnel continue their operations.