Severed body parts discovered in park

BABYLON, NY – Late Thursday evening, law enforcement officers in New York made a gruesome discovery of a woman’s severed head, arm, and leg while conducting a search for missing body parts of a man. The search was taking place in the vicinity of Southards Pond Park, a popular spot in Babylon, Long Island.

The search operation was initiated after a young schoolgirl stumbled upon a severed arm on the east side of the park earlier that morning. The discovery of the left arm on Siegel Boulevard led to an extensive search operation, which resulted in the further discovery of a right arm and a leg, both belonging to a male.

Detective Lieutenant Kevin Beyrer of the Suffolk County Homicide Squad stated that the search operation, which included a canine unit, had to be halted late that night due to poor lighting. The investigators are currently working to identify the owners of the body parts and their ages. Preliminary investigations suggest that the body parts belong to an adult male and female.

Beyrer further added that the body parts could have been at the location for several days or even hours. The search operation around the park’s outskirts is still ongoing. The male body parts bore tattoos, while the female’s did not.

The schoolgirl who first discovered the arm alerted her father, who then contacted the authorities. The left arm was found to be missing its fingertips. The second arm was found later that evening by a canine cadaver dog, approximately 20 feet further into the woods from the initial discovery.

In light of the unsettling incident, local elementary and grade schools moved their recess indoors. The school district has made mental health resources available to students, acknowledging the potential anxiety this incident may have caused, especially among high school students.

This gruesome discovery follows a similar incident last month in the Bronx, where a severed human leg was found, believed to be from a man dragged by a subway. However, it remains unclear whether the recent discovery in Babylon is connected to any gang violence in the area.