Two dead bodies found at the park after being shot ‘execution style’

PHILADELPHIA, PA – A heart-rending discovery was made on Thursday night at Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park, where authorities discovered the bodies of a man and a woman; both victims had bullet wounds to their heads.

Close to 11 p.m., police received a 911 call disclosing the location of a body on the 3800 block of Mount Pleasant Drive in East Fairmount Park. This area is situated in the proximity of the historic Mount Pleasant Mansion and Dairy Fields.

Upon the arrival of law enforcement and medical personnel, the bodies of a female, aged 38, and a male, aged 48, were found alongside each other in a gully by the road. Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector, Scott Small, noted the discovery of three spent shell casings in the vicinity.

The close-range shooting of the victims suggests execution style. Both victims are yet to be identified as the authorities move to notify their next of kin. According to records, the female comes from Philadelphia, while the male victim’s residency remains uncertain.

Chief Inspector Small acknowledged the presence of surveillance cameras at the Mount Pleasant Mansion, about half a block away from the crime scene, and expressed hope that the footage could shed more light on the potential shooter or shooters.