Road rage crash leaves two bystanders dead

A devastating car crash in Utah County resulted in the loss of two lives.

The crash began with a road rage dispute between two drivers. The deceased victims, shockingly, were not connected to the original altercation that took place before the fatal collision.

On a Sunday afternoon, around 12:30 p.m., sheriff’s deputies from the Utah County were dispatched to the accident site. Here, they discovered a horrifying scene: a crash that had fatally wounded two people.

The whole series of events had begun approximately five miles away in Eagle Mountain’s city center area. The driver of a 2014 Nissan Maxima reported that he had been forced into a “road rage incident.” A 2016 Ford F-150 allegedly pulled out in front of him on the road. Despite this initial confrontation, both drivers proceeded to drive in the same direction.

The Maxima’s driver reported to the deputies that, after overtaking the F-150, he was tailgated by the truck. The F-150 then shifted into the eastbound emergency lane and side-swiping the Maxima. The Maxima’s driver claimed to have decelerated, which led the F-150’s driver to lose control of his vehicle.

Veering across the center line, the F-150 ended up crashing head-on into an uninvolved 1987 Porsche 911.

The force of the collision utterly demolished the Porsche, taking the lives of both its occupants — a 48-year-old male driver and his 47-year-old female passenger. The identity of these innocent victims, caught up in the catastrophic end of someone else’s road rage, remains undisclosed.

The driver of the F-150, on the other hand, was transported to a local hospital for the treatment of non-life-threatening injuries. In the wake of the fatal accident, the Utah County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that criminal charges are being considered against him.