Pregnant woman shot and killed by soldier boyfriend

LACEY, WA – The city of Lacey, Washington, witnessed a fatal shooting event that resulted in the death of two individuals last week, with recent court documents shedding light on the fatal incident. The suspected killer, 21-year-old John Maupin, is a currently serving soldier at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM). The victims were Julia Maupin, who was 7–8 months pregnant, and her boyfriend, another soldier at JBLM.

The court records suggest that John and Julia, who lived with Julia’s mother and her mother’s partner, were in a troubled relationship. The couple quarreled regularly, and John had made multiple threats of suicide. On Thursday, the situation escalated when a fight between John and Julia ultimately ended in gunfire.

Court documents claim that John shot both Julia and her boyfriend in the head. After the act, he exited the house, aimed his gun at Julia’s mother’s partner, and warned him to stay away before speeding off in his car. Julia’s mother made a swift call to emergency services.

Upon finding the victims, Julia’s mother noted fatal injuries, including visible gunshot wounds to the head, and neither of them had a pulse. The unborn child did not survive either.

Not long after, an Olympia police officer spotted John’s car, leading to a high-speed chase with speeds reaching well over 110 miles per hour. Multiple officers joined the pursuit as John headed to the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge where he abandoned his vehicle and attempted to run away on foot.

Police apprehended John and reportedly indicated he claimed to have an alter ego “New John,” who took over and left him unable to recall events. Maupin now faces two counts of second-degree murder, second-degree domestic violence assault, and eluding police.