Couple’s murder-suicide leaves neighborhood in shock

AMERICAN FORK, UT – A shocking tragedy unfolded in a Utah neighborhood on Thursday afternoon when a couple was discovered dead in a suspected murder-suicide. Witness reports suggest 57-year-old Olin Johnson may have shot his wife, Kerilyn Johnson, 52, before turning the gun on himself. The disturbing episode unfolded in their American Fork, Utah, residence valued at $1.34 million.

According to the couple’s neighbors, their behavior appeared to be normal before their untimely death. Neighbors reported seeing and interacting with the Johnsons the night before the incident. Additionally, Olin and Kerilyn had recently celebrated 32 years of marriage in April.

However, a close look at Olin’s social media activity revealed a potentially ominous post dated June 18, where he cited himself as a “crappy person” while expressing his fondness for motorcycles and skiing.

Professionally, Olin owned Simtek Modular, a service company that produces modular panels for force-on-force training, according to his LinkedIn profile. The Johnsons were also known to enjoy traveling, with posts of a memorable birthday celebration in Australia of late.

Kerilyn, on the other hand, had a commendable career in music, serving as an adjunct faculty member at the BYU School of Music. She took part in several main stage productions and was recognized for her performances in the US, Russia, and the Baltic States.

The family now asks for respect of privacy as they navigate this challenging phase. Meanwhile, friends and relatives remember the couple for their kindness and generosity.