Police chase leaves two teens dead, two others injured

HOUSTON, TX – A late-night police pursuit ended catastrophically in southeast Houston, with two teenagers aged 18 and 19 dead and two more injured. The incident occurred when the driver lost control of the stolen vehicle while attempting to navigate the ramp from I-45 northbound to I-610 eastbound.

According to reports from the Houston Police Department, the deadly chase began at approximately 1 a.m. when patrolling officers spotted the stolen vehicle on Broadway Street near Santa Elena Street and attempted to make a stop.

The driver of the vehicle did not comply, prompting officers to initiate pursuit. Assistant Chief Kevin Deese stated that during the chase, the driver lost control at the highway exit and hit the railing, causing the vehicle to roll over.

The car crash resulted in an irreparable loss, as the driver and front seat passenger did not survive the accident. First repsponders arrived at the scene to find the car upturned and damaged beyond recognition. The occupants of the back seat, a juvenile female and an adult male, were relatively lucky, escaping with their lives though they sustained injuries and needed immediate transportation to the hospital for treatment.

The unfortunate incident, as well as its devastating consequences, served as a stark reminder of the dangers of automobile theft and reckless driving. Authorities closed the exit ramp from I-45 north to I-610 east for an investigation, temporarily disrupting traffic.