Parents killed in deadly car crash on the way to their son’s basketball game

Residents of a Michigan town are expressing their sorrow over the passing away of two parents who perished in a fatal head-on crash.

On Thursday, a large group of people came together at the Crawford Funeral Home in Escanaba to pay their respects to Jerry and Tara Weaver, who both passed away in a car accident on January 27th. A service was held the following day to commemorate their lives.

The two were driving to their son’s basketball game when they were involved in a car crash on US-2 close to Fishdam River in Garden Township.

A tractor-trailer had veered off the side of the road and was not being operated properly. The driver attempted to correct its direction. However, it ended up drifting and crossing the centerline. The vehicle collided with a Toyota SUV that the couple was driving.

The couple’s obituary stated that Jerry and Tara found love at Lake Superior State University, where they were both part of the Theta Chi Rho fraternity family. On July 11, 1998, they got married in Escanaba and raised their three children there.

In order to provide comfort to their children, a GoFundMe campaign has been started to assist in covering funeral expenses and making sure the children can remain in their own home.

As of Monday, the campaign has raised a total of approximately $215,000.