Police footage shows amputee man stabbing victim before being shot dead by police

Officers of the California Police Department released footage of a two-legged amputee stealthily approaching and stabbing a man on the pavement. This took place shortly before being shot and fatally wounded by police officers.

Anthony Lowe Jr., a 36-year-old father of two, jumped out of his wheelchair while at a gas station in Huntington Park. He proceeded to stab a man in the torso who was walking ahead of him.

After being attacked, the victim stumbled onto a crowded street, prompting the police to be summoned. The motive for the assault is still unknown, though the Lowe family has disclosed that he was afflicted with depression.

The Lowe family have expressed their shock and outrage over the shooting of their family member, arguing that his disability prevented him from being a threat to the officers. They are now planning to take legal action against the police department, and are demanding that the officers responsible be held accountable.

A security video, made public earlier, showed Lowe walking away from the authorities with a 12-inch butcher knife in his possession. Three officers tried arresting the man.

Lowe suddenly faced the officers, who had their guns pointed at him, and lifted up the knife. The police officers shot him in response, resulting in his death.