Nurse and Mother of Three Found Shot to Death

The small town of Quincy, Illinois was rocked by tragedy on February 23, 2021 when Rebecca “Becky” Bliefnick, a 41-year-old nurse and mother of three, was discovered shot to death in her home.

In the wake of this tragedy, a search warrant was served at the house of Becky’s estranged husband, Tim Bliefnick, located roughly a mile away.

Images captured by MuddyRiverNews depict a cooperative Bliefnick, willingly handing over the keys to his house and vehicle. According to press statements, the two were muddled in a legal battle related to a divorce. When police finished their search, they had yet to file a warrant for arrest.

Rebecca Bliefnick was remembered by friends and family as a devoted Catholic and selfless servant of the community. From her days as valedictorian of Quincy Notre Dame High School to her final semester of nursing classes, Becky was a committed academic, even pressing on during her third high risk pregnancy. She eventually found a job in pharmaceuticals, thanks to her academic excellence, and eventually made the switch to nursing.

Becky’s husband and his attorney Casey Schnack have expressed shock at the tragedy and encourage police to pursue other suspects in the case. Schnack stated that it was important to police to rule her client out, so that the investigation could center on other possibilities.

The police are asking for anyone with information about Rebecca’s death to call 217-228-4470 or anonymously reach out to Quincy Regional Crime Stoppers. Her life in the community and devoted family received an outpouring of support—including a touching tribute from her cousin, Lauren Schultz, via social media.

Though the investigation into this tragedy is underway, police are reminding the public that all individuals are to be considered innocent until proven guilty.