Woman Gets Deferred Sentence After Skinning a Husky Puppy and Posting it on Social Media

Montana resident Amber Rose Barnes, who bragged about killing and skinning a husky puppy she mistook for a wolf, has received a six-month deferred sentence for animal cruelty, according to several news reports.

The 36-year-old woman pleaded no contest to the misdemeanor charge, and will have her case dismissed if she completes the probationary requirements imposed by the judge, which includes an online hunter safety course and a six-month suspension of her hunting rifle.

Barnes was cited in October 2022 after posting graphic photos of herself holding the dead, skinned 6-month-old husky online. She claimed she had bagged a wolf, but later told law enforcement that she believed the dog was a wolf pup. The husky was part of a group of 18 dogs and puppies that had been abandoned in the Doris Creek area of Flathead National Forest in mid-September, according to authorities.

Barnes’ punishment has been met with criticism, with many calling for stricter animal cruelty laws. The fact that she was able to walk away with such a light sentence has angered animal advocates, who argue that her actions were cruel and inhumane.

According to Fox News, Barnes admitted to making a mistake but claimed that the animal had been acting aggressively towards her. In a now-deleted post, she wrote: “Either way, yes I would still have shot it because it was aggressive and coming directly for me! So please remove all your [posts] thinking I just shot and killed someone’s pet!”

Her posts have received heated backlash in favor of the deceased animal.