Neighborhood drive-by shooting leaves 1 dead

MIRAMAR, FL – A broad daylight shooting incident in Miramar late Tuesday morning has left one person dead. The suspect unleashed a volley of gunshots on a Bentley parked in a residential area on SW 66th Way.

Local resident Diann Schoeler and her son, Dylan Mersereau, were home when they heard the gunfire, prompting Schoeler to quickly retreat indoors. Footage captured from a helicopter portrayed the bullet-riddled Bentley, with traces of blood and transmission fluid surrounding the automobile.

The victim, a young man, was swiftly transported to the hospital but, unfortunately, didn’t survive the gunshot injuries. Miramar Police identified the event as a drive-by shooting and called in a SWAT team after the occupants of the house where the Bentley was parked didn’t vacate the premises. Two individuals were subsequently detained at the crime scene.

“Four came out voluntarily, but two were uncooperative”, said police spokeswoman Tania Ordaz. Miramar police disclosed that the residence had six inhabitants at the time of the incident, including a toddler.

This shocking criminal act took longtime residents of the neighborhood by surprise, including Mersereau, who claimed that it had been over a decade since a similar event had occurred in the area.

In the aftermath of the incident, Schoeler and her son, who were already concerned about the fast-moving, high-end cars frequently seen in their neighborhood, are contemplating relocating.

The police force is trying to establish a potential motive and identify the number of people involved in the shooting.