Drive-by scooter shooting leaves 1 dead, 3 injured

NEW YORK, NY – In a horrifying incident on Tuesday evening, the Mount Eden neighborhood in the Bronx saw a drive-by scooter shooting that left one man dead and three others injured. The fatal shooting occurred around 6:15 p.m. as four men, aged between 23 and 37, became targets of gunmen on scooters on the corner of Townsend and East Mount Eden avenues.

As per NYPD, the scooter riders initiated the surprise attack by pulling out guns and firing close to ten shots at the unsuspecting men.

Of the targeted group, three men were injured in the leg, while the fourth, 29-year-old Miguel Doleo, sustained gunshot injuries to his chest and leg. Doleo’s condition deteriorated quickly, leading to his death at a local hospital.

The suspects made a successful escape on their scooters, navigating northward on Townsend towards the Cross Bronx Expressway. They had attempted to disguise their identities, wearing masks and hoodies. The NYPD is actively investigating the incident, while the main driver behind the deadly attack continues to remain a mystery. The department has sought public assistance to solve the case, ensuring that every tip remains confidential.

After this tragic episode, NYC’s Deputy Commissioner of Operations, Kaz Daughtry, revealed that the police department had been collaborating extensively with the local Community Response Team in Mount Eden. He highlighted the troubling connection between illegal scooter use and mounting criminal activity, albeit recognizing the challenge of distinguishing between legitimate and illicit scooter riders.

Daughtry shed light on some promising numbers. The NYPD’s approach has led to 1,300 arrests concerning individuals on scooters and a total of 989 summonses. Officials have also managed to take around 9,500 illegal scooters, dirt bikes, and ATVs off the streets within this year alone.