Multiple people shot on interstate after shootout over stolen car takes place

BIRMINGHAM, AL – A dramatic episode unfolded on a bustling Birmingham, Alabama, interstate on Friday, leaving four people wounded. The police have labeled the incident as a “shootout”, which was reportedly sparked by an argument over a vehicle believed to be stolen.

Multiple reports of a shootout on I-59 South, near the 20th Street Ensley exit in the city’s western area, prompted the Birmingham police to rush to the scene around 4:40 p.m. on Friday. Upon their arrival, they found two vehicles riddled with bullet holes near the Bush Boulevard exit.

Truman Fitzgerald, the Birmingham Police Department’s Public Information Officer, shared that the incident reportedly began when a group noticed a vehicle they suspected was theirs and had been stolen from a nearby city. This group then decided to confront the alleged thieves, which escalated into the shootout.

The violent encounter resulted in four people being injured. Two of the victims, hit by the gunfire, suffered critical injuries and were promptly transported to the hospital by the Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service.

The other two victims, who suffered less severe injuries, managed to get themselves to the UAB Hospital in Birmingham. The police have confirmed that no bystanders were caught in the crossfire during the incident.