Multiple mass shootings in Milwaukee

A wave of violence swept through Milwaukee over the weekend, with three separate shootings leaving one person dead and thirteen others injured. The shootings all occurred within a few blocks of each other, according to local police reports.

The most critical incident occurred on Sunday evening near 13th and Mitchell streets, where four individuals were seriously wounded. The victims, ranging in age from 19 to 29, were rushed to the hospital for immediate treatment. A 22-year-old male was arrested in connection with this shooting, and charges are currently being prepared.

In a separate incident, a 56-year-old Milwaukee resident was fatally shot near 16th and Bruce streets, just over an hour after the first incident. The individual responsible for this deadly act remains at large, police confirmed.

The third incident was a mass shooting near 14th and Burnham streets, which left nine people injured. The victims, a mix of males and females aged between 16 and 42, are all expected to make a recovery. A 22-year-old local man was arrested and a firearm was recovered from the scene.

The reasons behind these violent acts are yet to be determined, as the police investigations are still ongoing.