Mother of murder victim uses billboard to catch a killer

A mother is determined to seek retribution for her son, even taking the drastic measure of purchasing a huge billboard with the images of the two teenage boys who were tragically killed.

Jesika Martinez has been suffering from the tragedy of losing her 15-year-old son, Angel Ray Garcia, since July 29, 2022. So that her son’s murderer will be identified, she has placed a sign in her front yard hoping that it will be seen each day.

Garcia and Gregorio Cordova-Mejia, who was 19-years-old, were at the Union Pines Apartments when gunshots suddenly rang out in the hallway of the apartment building. Martinez stated that she has not received any information or clues concerning who could have committed the crime.

Martinez expressed her anxiety in waiting for responses, hoping the billboard can bring attention to the fact that a murderer is still at large.

Martinez claims that the billboard has only been up for two weeks, and that it’s only the start to finding justice for her son. She said, “We’re gonna do what we can and we’re gonna have this billboard up as long as we can till we get those answers.”

At the 8th Annual Houston Missing Persons Day awareness event, Martinez attended via Zoom with other families who are looking for their missing relatives. She thinks that if members of the community come together, more of these stories can be solved.