Mom’s dead body found wrapped in plastic inside closet

HANFORD, CA – A California woman has now been taken into custody after being implicated in her mother’s death. The elderly woman’s body was found locked in a closet in her home. Elizabeth Yingling, aged 37, was arrested on homicide charges following the discovery of Peggi Yingling’s corpse inside of their residence located on W. Encore Drive in Hanford.

Officers were dispatched to conduct the welfare check on the elderly woman on May 18, following a neighbor’s concern about her extended absence. According to the Hanford Police Department, the neighbor reported this as unusual for Peggi Yingling.

Upon entering the house, the authorities found Peggi Yingling’s body concealed inside of a closet, wrapped up in plastic bags. The police reported that the remains had been there for a considerable period.

An autopsy discovered evidence of strangulation, ruling out a natural death. Subsequent to a police inquiry, Elizabeth Yingling, living in the same house, made incriminating statements that linked her to the crime.

The 37-year-old was already in jail at the time of the discovery, serving a sentence for unrelated charges stemming from a pursuit incident earlier in May. Currently, Elizabeth Yingling remains in custody without bail, facing her new homicide charge.