Mom of 4 shot dead at home by two gunmen

BREMERTON, WA – Authorities in Kitsap County are calling for public assistance to solve a year-old murder case where two gunmen fatally shot a mother of four in her Bremerton residence.

Around 1:20 a.m. on February 24, 2023, at a residence near Crosspoint Academy on Chico Way, Charles and Carolynn Williams enjoyed a quiet evening while their children slept peacefully. The couple were watching TV when the calm was shattered by gunfire.

As the first bullet struck, Charles immediately hit the floor and made his way to the kitchen, urging Carolynn to follow him. However, Carolynn had already been hit. Charles, believing the assailants would break into the house, armed himself with two kitchen knives.

“Once I heard the gunshots stop, it was the most terrifying feeling in the world because I thought they were coming in to kill everybody,” Charles conveyed to reporters.

Following the gunfire, a wounded and shocked Charles headed back to the living room only to discover the devastating sight of Carolynn having been shot.

He initially thought she had been hit in the chest due to the sight of blood on her long hair. Upon lifting her head to help staunch the bleeding, Charles was horrified to discover his wife had been shot in the head. His wife of 16 years did not survive the attack.