Uber driver shot dead by 81-year-old man

CLARK COUNTY, OH – An elderly Ohio man is facing murder charges following the fatal shooting of an Uber driver, who was reportedly caught in the crossfire of a scam call unknowingly.

According to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, the 81-year-old shooter, William Brock, had fallen victim to a scammer claiming to be calling on behalf of an imprisoned relative and demanding a significant sum as bail money.

In a convoluted scheme, an Uber driver, Loletha Hall, was then contacted through the Uber App by the same scammer or an accomplice with a request to pick up a package from Brock’s residence. Hall, 61, was reportedly unaware of the nefarious phone call Brock had received earlier when she arrived at his premises.

The elderly man allegedly confronted the unsuspecting Hall at gunpoint, demanding identification of the individuals he had communicated with over the phone. As Hall attempted to leave, Brock is said to have shot her three times. She later succumbed to her injuries.

Law enforcement officials claim that Brock’s actions resulted from him not recognizing Hall as an innocent party and wrongly perceiving her as an active threat – circumstances that led to him being charged with murder. The original scam call and the subsequent events leading to the tragic shooting are still under investigation.