Man smashes stolen semi-truck into a police station and kills one, injures over a dozen people

BRENHAM, TX – A terrifying scene played out in Brenham, Texas, on Friday when a man, recently denied a Commercial Drivers License, deliberately drove a stolen 18-wheeler into the local Department of Public Safety (DPS) office. The incident resulted in numerous injuries and one death.

Just after 10:40 a.m., the stolen vehicle plowed into the DPS office, causing injuries to at least 10 individuals, including the driver who is now in police custody. Among the injured, three were critically wounded and had to be airlifted to nearby medical facilities, including St. Joseph Regional Hospital in Bryan. Two others were stabilized and transported by ambulance, while the rest received treatment for minor injuries at the scene.

The driver, who remains unnamed, had been refused his Commercial Drivers License on Thursday. Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough confirmed this detail, suggesting that the driver returned on Friday with a vengeful motive.

The Texas Rangers have been tasked with the investigation into the incident. DPS officials have reassured the public that there is no further threat, but have asked drivers to avoid the area while the investigation and medical response continue.

State Senator Lois Kolkhorst, representing Brenham and Washington County, voiced her dismay and concern in a public statement. She has been in touch with local officials, the DPS Director, and the Lt. Governor’s office, ensuring that all necessary resources are being utilized to support local first responders.

Commissioner Kirk Hanath of Washington County Precinct 3 called for prayers for the victims, many of whom had come to the DPS office to get a driver’s license, not expecting to end up in a hospital.