Mom found shot to death at home, son charged

HOUSTON, TX – In a grisly incident in north Harris County, a woman was found shot to death inside her residence on Sunday morning. The suspect, her own son, has been charged in connection with her murder, according to Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.

The crime occurred at a home on Verde Trails Drive near Imperial Valley Drive. On entering the house, deputies discovered the lifeless body of the victim, 52-year-old Anna Iris Melendez, with multiple gunshot injuries.

Sheriff Gonzalez revealed that deputies had responded to an in-progress distress call around 10 p.m. on Saturday, which also indicated possible gunshots. Despite their search around the general location, they couldn’t locate anything amiss and received no information of any suspicious activity from the neighbors.

An alarm call an hour later directed authorities back to the same location. One of the deputies, who had initially responded to the distress call, noticed the garage door of the house was left opened. Although no signs of forced entry were found, deputies stayed at the site to investigate further.

Melendez’s son, Christopher Melendez, 27, has been charged relating to her murder. He was apprehended on Sunday morning after running away from Houston police officers during a traffic offense.

Currently, Christopher Melendez is being held at the Harris County Jail, facing murder charges. His existing charges include driving while intoxicated, unlawfully carrying a weapon, and evading arrest, according to court records.