Woman kidnapped, assaulted, and burned leaving work

TUCKER, GA – A horrifying ordeal unfolded for a woman in her 60s who was kidnapped, assaulted, and severely injured while leaving her workplace in Tucker, Georgia, as per her family’s account. The woman, an employee at an accounting firm on Montreal Road, was attacked soon after the firm’s closing time, which is around 5:30 p.m., although the exact timing of the incident remains uncertain.

According to the victim’s family, an unidentified man confronted the woman, demanding entry into the business establishment. When she refused, the man coerced her into her car, forcing her to drive to an ATM and withdraw cash. During this terrifying episode, the man inflicted multiple cuts on the woman’s body, including her face, and at some point, burned her face.

The assailant then compelled the woman to return to her workplace, from where she managed to escape. Despite her injuries, she was able to drive a short distance to DeKalb County Fire Station 22. Only one crew member was awake at the time, but the woman’s noise in the parking lot roused Fire Captain Shaneqwa Eafford and other firefighters.

The fire station immediately contacted the police, who arrived at the scene around 9 p.m. to investigate the reported kidnapping and assault. Eafford highlighted the fortunate presence of their ambulance, which was able to transport the victim without delay. Police detectives are currently working on gathering evidence to identify and apprehend the suspect.

The victim’s family stated that she is still in the hospital, having undergone at least one surgery following the attack.