Mom charged with fatally poisoning her 4-year-old daughter

BRONX, NY – A 23-year-old mother in New York is facing charges of attempted murder, attempted manslaughter, and first-degree assault after allegedly poisoning her four-year-old daughter with unnecessary seizure medication. The accused, Tajahnae Brown, hails from the Bronx and has been accused of endangering her child’s life by repeatedly seeking unneeded medical treatment.

Authorities suspect that Brown may be suffering from Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy, a psychological disorder where individuals fabricate or induce symptoms of illness in someone they are caring for. This dangerous behavior is often motivated by a desire for attention or sympathy, especially in the case of children.

The disturbing series of events began on May 2 when Brown brought her three-year-old daughter to Montefiore Medical Center, claiming that the child required more seizure medication. According to a police source, Brown made persistent demands for additional medication, leading hospital staff to administer multiple doses.

However, it was during this period that medical professionals became alarmed when they discovered that the young girl had reached ‘toxic levels’ of medication in her bloodstream, indicating that she was being deliberately poisoned. The child was promptly taken off the medication after this discovery.

Despite the initial intervention, the child’s drug levels inexplicably rose again while she was still under her mother’s care in the hospital. Authorities suspect that Brown continued to secretly administer the medication, endangering her daughter’s life by pushing the drug to life-threatening levels.

Brown’s actions have shocked the community, and she now faces serious criminal charges related to her daughter’s ordeal.