Missing man found dead inside a well

AVON, MA – The months-long missing person case for Keith McKechnie from Avon, Massachusetts, came to a tragic conclusion. On Saturday, investigators found McKechnie’s body in a well situated on his property on East High Street, according to the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office.

The deceased man was first reported missing on September 7. According to people who knew him, McKechnie would often be seen taking walks around his neighborhood. When family members discovered his remains in the East High Street vicinity, the initial search and rescue mission ultimately turned into a recovery operation.

The Avon Police Department and Massachusetts State Police collaborated with the Avon Fire Department and other regional authorities for the recovery operation. Their attempt to retrieve McKechnie’s remains required techniques used in confined space rescues. The Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office extended its gratitude to all departments involved in the body’s recovery.

Though the cause of death is currently unknown, the district attorney explained that there were not any evident signs of trauma on McKechnie’s body. An autopsy will be conducted in order to identify the exact cause of death.

The district attorney, Michael Morrissey, expressed condolences to McKechnie’s family in a public statement, stating, “This is a very sad result.” While the investigation continues, authorities reiterated that there is no perceived threat to the public.