Liquor store employee shot at work by armed robbers on a crime spree

CHICAGO, IL – A group of armed thieves who went on violent robbery spree, that included shooting an employee at a convenience store, are now being hunted by the Chicago Police. The crimes took place within a short span of six hours on Friday night, focusing on vulnerabilities in the city’s Northwest district.

One of the key incidents took place around 10:30 p.m., when two assailants, masked and armed, entered the Super Savings Food and Liquor store in the 4400 block of West Belmont Avenue. During the attempted robbery, an employee stationed at the gate was shot but is expected to survive, according to reports. There was no cash or goods taken from the store.

The gunmen quickly fled the scene, only to strike another victim within minutes, tallying the group’s victim count to 10. Customers and residents in the vicinity were keenly distressed by the repeated incidents. Following the robbery at the Super Savings Food and Liquor store, regular shopper Angel Rivera expressed his shock and concern, claiming, “Heartbreaking, because I know them. I’m a customer there.”

Another resident of the area, Dan Salazar, shared his apprehension, stating, “This is concerning… security cameras will probably be the next thing to do. That might be next, possibly, even moving out of the area, as well.”

According to the investigators, the alleged criminals are using a black Nissan Altima, with the Illinois license plate number BM86024. While the police continue their search, surveillance video footage from the liquor store is being closely looked at for additional clues.