Mike Lindell Slams Fox News and Conservative Media, Canceled From His Bank

(InformingNews.com) – If you listen to conservative media, you’ve probably heard a few advertisements for the My Pillow brand. The company CEO, Mike Lindell, is a major source of support for these outlets. But now Lindell is speaking out against major players in conservative news.

The close Trump ally made news recently after giving a speech at the Save America rally held on January 15 in Arizona. Speaking before former President Donald Trump, Lindell declared his anger at Fox News for not discussing objections he shares with the former president about the 2020 election. He stated that the “biggest problem” facing conservatives is “the conservative media.” He went on to further describe who, specifically, he was referring to, hinting, “One of them rhymes with Fox. Okay?”

The My Pillow CEO declared that outlets not willing to speak out about what he describes as injustices are a threat to the Republican party. He’s been outspoken about his opinions on several conservative issues, most notably his criticism of the conduct surrounding the presidential election in 2020. Former President Trump seemed to side with Lindell. Speaking later in the evening, Trump blamed the media for bad reporting and for not calling the election in his favor, although he did not specifically mention Fox News.

Lindell is also in the news for his recent troubles with two major financial institutions. He has reported that Heartland Financial USA and Minnesota Bank and Trust have notified him that they will be cutting ties with him. This comes after months of complaints by Lindell about being one of many victims of “cancel culture.” Obviously, the My Pillow executive was incensed.

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