Mass shooting outside nightclub leaves 1 dead, 11 injured

NEW ORLEANS, LA – The city’s Warehouse District was rattled by a mass shooting just before the stroke of midnight on Sunday. The New Orleans Police Department has confirmed that the shooting resulted in the death of one woman and left eleven others injured.

The horrifying incident unfolded outside the Republic NOLA nightclub located in the 800 block of South Peters Street. At the time, an event titled “Church on Sundaze” was underway inside the club. The casualties included six women and five men.

Witness accounts paint a scene of confusion and panic as gunfire erupted. One of these accounts came from someone inside the club at the time, who mentioned seeking shelter in the bathroom amidst the chaos without knowing what would follow.

The area where the shooting took place is characterized by its numerous security cameras. Only the previous week, a security guard was fatally shot outside the Wit’s Inn bar. In response, Councilman Joe Giarrusso and Council President Helena Moreno have proposed the use of a padlock ordinance, resulting in the revocation of the bar’s liquor license and potentially shutting down the business.

Speaking about the ordinance, the owner of Wit’s Inn bar, who wished to remain anonymous, insisted that this was the first such incident at the bar and that the suspect wasn’t a patron. He expressed willingness to work with city leaders towards a resolution but also asked for fair application of the ordinance, highlighting his status as the only Black-owned bar in that domain.

NOPD stated that the bar does not meet the criteria for the padlock ordinance since there were no previous incidents warranting its use.

Councilwoman Lesli Harris said her office is liaising with NOPD in response to the current shooting at Republic. She expressed sympathy towards the victims and condemned the incidence of violence. Queries on whether she would implement the padlock ordinance for Republic NOLA remain unanswered.

Council President Helena Moreno voiced her concerns that the state’s concealed carry law could result in more such incidents. She stressed the necessity of common-sense regulations to prevent shootings.

Inquiries have been made to the city’s Permits and Licensing Department about any past citations or violations at the club and to NOPD regarding any similar prior incidents in that block.

In response to the incident, Governor Jeff Landry said prayers and paid tribute to the first responders. Congressman Troy Carter also expressed his grief over the tragedy and called for common-sense gun reform measures and violence reduction programs in the community.