Mass shooting at party leaves 2 dead, 4 injured

JONESBORO, AR – Police have reported that a fatal shooting took place in Jonesboro, Arkansas, resulting in the loss of two lives and leaving four others injured. According to authorities, the alleged shooter has also passed away.

Officers rushed to a neighborhood after receiving a call just before 5 a.m. on Sunday, where they discovered several victims with gunshot injuries. Police spokesperson Sally Smith informed reporters that the unfortunate event unraveled during a private gathering at an abandoned building within the city, located northeast of Little Rock.

A male and female victim who were tragically killed in the shooting were familiar to the suspected shooter. Another injured female was also known to the shooter, according to information posted by police in a Facebook update. Allegedly, a domestic squabble was the root of the violent act. The male shooter had connections with one of the female victims, and the two female victims were sisters.

Another three people were also wounded in the incident. At present, the police have not disclosed the victims’ ages or the specifics related to the shooter’s death. The authorities have, however, assured that there are no more active threats to the community and that the ongoing investigation continues to shed light on further details of the case.

This incident adds to the tally of 73 mass shootings that the US has experienced this year, as listed by the Gun Violence Archive.