Masked Man Pushes Murder Victim’s Body In Cart Before Dumping Her In A Nearby Bush

A 26-year-old woman was killed in New York after texting her family that her phone was dying.

Claire McKenna was found unconscious and unresponsive lying face down on the pavement near a bush in Queens, New York on October 12.

McKenna’s body was discovered in the bush a little over 24 hours after she texted her parents that she needed help. A man wearing a mask with dark clothes was seen pushing her body in a cart around 4:30 am on Wednesday, October 12th. Camera footage caught the man dumping her body in that spot soon after.

The man that was pushing her body around is suspected to be the killer.

McKenna’s uncle and godfather said that the 26-year-old’s passing was ‘unbearable’ for her parents. The victims sisters, Mary and Julia, and that they would never stop until justice was served.

Claire McKenna’s family is offering a reward of $35,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect.

McKenna’s blood work revealed she had a history of drug use, and there were track marks on her arm. Her family’s attorney said she was not a hard drug user and had a medical marijuana card.

Police are treating her death as suspicious, but homicide hasn’t been ruled out. Reward posters have been posted within a mile of the scene, and investigators are hoping it may jog any witnesses’ memories.

Claire McKenna’s month’s mind mass was held in Kilkerley Church Of The Immaculate Conception on Saturday last. Kilkerley Emmets, Derek’s former GAA club, offered their condolences to the McKenna family.

As of mid-November, overall crime in New York City is up 29.1 percent from last year, with felony assaults, rapes, and robberies all up double digits.