Marine Fired for Criticizing Withdrawal From Afghanistan Announces Political Plans

( – After the withdrawal from Afghanistan, many people had opinions on the botched execution. When Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller Jr. took to Facebook to express his feelings, he ended up with a military discharge. Now, the former member of the armed services is making another move in the public eye.

On the January 5 airing of the “John Solomon Reports” podcast, Scheller said he might seek political office. The former Marine stated the country needs people to lead who are not politically motivated. He also revealed if he runs, it will be as a conservative and admitted to Solomon that 2022 is likely not a good time for him to run, but he does have his eye on 2024.

He also spoke about the Facebook rant that started his troubles. He said he stands by the post’s content, but that much was taken out of context, and he does wish he could go back and change some of his phrasings to provide a clearer message. Scheller continued to make it no secret that he lost respect for the president due to his decisions regarding Afghanistan and continues to feel leadership in the military should face accountability for their actions.

Until the 2024 elections, the former Marine plans to continue building support and helping the right people get into office. He said his current focus is on the Votes for Vets coalition, which assists candidates with accessing political action committees and getting coverage for their races. Many of the people he supports are former military members.

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