Man with ‘aggressive’ German Shepherd shot and killed by police

VANCOUVER, WA – A disturbing event unfolded on Saturday afternoon near Vancouver’s waterfront, where local police shot and killed a man believed to be armed, according to the Vancouver Police Department.

Police respondents were dispatched to Southeast Columbia Way a little before 2 p.m. following complaints about an “aggressive German Shepherd” under the control of a man. The dog had reportedly bitten at least one person who was walking along a trail near the river.

Police located the man and his dog around 3 p.m. near Columbia Street and Columbia Way, where they saw the dog make an attempt to bite another person. The Vancouver Police Department stated that as police officers approached the man, he made a threatening move by pointing what was suspected to be a firearm at one of the officers.

One officer responded by shooting the man, who was pronounced dead on the scene. Despite attempts made by the officers to provide emergency medical aid, the man’s life could not be saved. The unrestrained behavior of the German Shepherd made it challenging for officers and emergency personnel to reach the man, leading police to tie the dog to a dumpster out of necessity. The dog was later taken into the custody of the Humane Society.

No officers sustained injuries in the standoff. One person reported to dispatch that they were seeking medical attention for bite wounds purportedly inflicted by the German Shepherd.

The two officers who were involved in the fatal incident have been placed on critical incident leave. They were both outfitted with body-worn cameras and in-car cameras, the footage of which is set to be reviewed and released at a more opportune time.