Mass shooting at graduation party leaves 10 injured

MADISON, WI – In an overnight incident, a shooting at a party on an apartment building rooftop in downtown Madison, Wisconsin left at least 10 people injured, police revealed. The victims, some as young as 14, were reported to be in recovery from non-life-threatening injuries. Authorities are currently urging the public to provide any helpful information or footage to help capture the suspect involved.

Responding emergency personnel arrived to what is thought to have been a high school graduation party that turned tragic shortly before 1 a.m.

Authorities found one teenage shooting victim with multiple gunshot wounds on the street before rushing into the apartment building on Johnson Street where the event took place. After navigating 12 flights of stairs, police came across a scene of chaos. An estimated hundreds had occupied the rooftop, with victims aged between 14 and 23 years old, some of whom are still attending high school.

“Officers watched as dozens of people rushed out of the building, running in panic and tripping over one another, simply trying to find safety,” recounted  Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes. Another unnamed victim sustained injuries from broken glass at the scene.

Victims either received transportation to the hospital from Madison Fire Department or checked themselves into the hospital for treatment. While some participants suffered minor injuries amid their frantic attempts to escape the scene, they did not request emergency medical services.

Both a motive and suspects have yet to be identified by authorities. Despite finding around 10 shell casings at the incident site, police have made no arrests and are currently examining CCTV footage to analyze the sequence of events. People present at the event who may have recorded any footage are being urged to come forward to aid in the investigation.